Zhi Testimonial

In 2006, I was stressed-out and just wished that there was someone that could help me with my energy and assist in changing my sedentary lifestyle.

I was falling into bed after getting home every day, crawled to work the next day and often slept on the tearoom couch after having lunch. I drank litres of unhealthy soft drinks just to keep up; as work often included nights and weekends shifts. It was all leading me in the wrong direction and away from what I wanted. I was constantly worried about my job security and subsequently was made redundant after the company had been downsized.

Then one day, literally out of the blue, my younger sister surprised me with a glass of the Vanilla F1 Shake and asked me to try it. I tried it and it tasted pretty good. I’m so grateful that happened.

Eventually, with help and personalised coaching and training, I upgraded to a daily nutrition program I could follow and learnt how to be consistent. I truly love the community support you get and ended up dropping 10kg of body fat.

Now, I feel better in my 40’s then I did in my 20’s and am able to do more whilst keeping up with family and life.

My goals now are to work part-time to have more options in life, travel more and help more people in our community live healthier.


I gained about 6.5kg of muscle on a sports-focused program, to help improve my fitness and support healthy ageing.”


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