I grew up with Herbalife Nutrition products, but never took my health seriously as I have always been slim and able to maintain my weight. At the beginning of March 2018, I found myself really unhappy. At only 158cm, my weight had crept up to 74kgs, I had lost all my confidence, didn’t like how I look or feel, and just had no energy or motivation to be active.

I started the Herbalife Nutrition Ultimate Program, having two meal replacement shakes a day, two snacks and a healthy meal at night. Four months later, I was down 12.5kgs, and completely reshaped my body. I gained my confidence back, dropped two dress sizes and feel incredible every single day! I have so much energy and vitality.

I now have the motivation to exercise a few times a week and thanks to my coach, the products and the incredible supportive environment and Herbalife Nutrition community, I am so much healthier and happier!

I never knew how important good nutrition was - I love how convenient and delicious the meal replacement shakes are and I can’t wait to reach my next body and health goal!

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