Before Herbalife Nutrition I was “chunky” and felt my clothes never fit me properly. I struggled to get through the day, even after five or six coffees. I was introduced to my coach when she was bouncing back from her second baby - she was full of energy and looking great. I wanted to embody that same energy and get my body under control.

That’s when I started on Herbalife Nutrition products and began to feel amazing. I lost 18kg in over 8 months and found this amazing body confidence that I had never experienced before. I even started running to work off my energy. Then, I created a Fitwalk group to meet new, healthy friends, and fell in love with this positive community I found. My new favourite “can-do” activities are 10km parkruns and the 1,000 steps in Melbourne! Herbalife Nutrition gives me the energy to absolutely enjoy every single day of my life!

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