Emmanuel & Analie

Couple Then Now Healthy Lifestyle

Analie’s health journey began at 25, when she was working 12-hour days, sleeping in on weekends, and skipping breakfast. Feeling like she wasn’t in the right place physically and mentally, Analie was searching for a positive community and the opportunity to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s when her high school friend reached out and invited her along to a community workout.

Over the past three years, Analie has been living a healthy active lifestyle and regularly using Herbalife Nutrition products. Through personal development and being around like-minded people, Analie went on to lose 35kgs, feel more confident in herself and grow as an individual.

Halfway through her journey, she met Emmanuel.

When Emmanuel came onto the scene, he was a self-proclaimed athlete, being very active and putting his body through strenuous workouts. Emmanuel did not eat breakfast and was eating foods that don’t align with a healthy active lifestyle. Despite his athleticism, he just didn’t know how to fuel his body to perform better with sports and in daily life. Analie introduced him to the Herbalife Nutrition community, and he saw people doing the things he wanted to improve with himself. Naturally, he trialled the core Herbalife Nutrition program along with the Herbalife24 range in support of Analie.

Emmanuel went on to lose over 15kg and by improving his nutrition intake, has improved his ability to sustain his energy levels.

Emmanuel has now transitioned from his former strenuous workouts to running, a new-found passion for him. He has competed in several half marathons, triathlons and has never felt healthier, fitter or stronger. Analie and Emmanuel each grew with the support of one another, and the Herbalife Nutrition community, constantly working on themselves using the community philosophies and guidance from their mentors. With their results and personal growth, they are now excited to impact the next “Emmanuel and Analie” to show that it is possible for them too in lifestyle, mindset, and the business opportunity.

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