Author: Diane
Diane Testimonial

I found Herbalife Nutrition by attending a fitness session at the park. The coach told me about this nutrition solution to help me achieve my weight loss and wellness goals. I was 29 years old, overweight and tried many things before without success. I had a poor self-esteem, low confidence and was not feeling good in my own skin.

I started with a Healthy Breakfast Pack. Immediately I was surprised at how good the shakes tasted and how my energy levels increased! Within a few days, I started to wake up before my alarm and was feeling great and I was no longer craving sweet foods.

I upgraded to the Ultimate Program, added the protein powder, and went on to lose 8kgs in total and since then my body has kept on reshaping. On the inside, I feel good about myself and my confidence has increased.

As I was feeling better and better, I started running and enjoying it for the first time, which was quite unusual! I completed half-marathons, marathons and up to a 50km run!

Soon after starting on my nutrition journey, I wanted to help others feel as good as I was feeling and getting great results like I was having. I started to help a couple of friends and family (locally and overseas) around my full-time job and earnt $470 profit my first month!

I am a geologist, working FIFO in the mining industry and love helping others achieve their own goals. My goal is to replace my full-time work to be a full-time Herbalife Nutrition coach.


I am now training for an 80km ultramarathon, which I would have never thought that one day I would be able to do.”


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