Cam & Trish

During her final year of University in 2015, Trish Pitkin turned to unhealthy habits, eventually spiralling in to significant weight gain. Exhausted, unhappy and run down, she was eager to make a change and do something about her health and her life.

The tables turned for Trish and her partner Cam in April 2016, when an ad for a Community Weight Loss Challenge appeared in a newspaper. In their local town of Highfields, Trish and Cam joined the challenge, and were excited to each lose 5kgs.

This chance meeting with Herbalife Nutrition was the beginning of a radical transformation that saw Trish and Cam overhaul their entire outlook on health, fitness and wellbeing. Trish is now 25 kilograms lighter, and Cam has lost over 32 kilograms.

“I am so grateful for the changes in our lives that Herbalife have made. Cam used to be so tired and cranky that the children would run away and hide when he got home. Now he is so much happier since he jumped on the Herbalife Nutrition Ultimate Program, I actually get a little jealous as the kids run to him first when they wake up in the mornings for a cuddle.”

Being a busy farming family, Trish and Cam also attribute their weight-loss success to the ease of the program. “Mornings with kids can be hectic, so having a nutrition plan in place that is so simple to prepare gives us no excuses to skip eating in the morning.”

“We were so inspired by our results we now help others in our community through Weight Loss Challenges, Body Transformation Challenges and local gym activities.”

“We have such a busy lifestyle.  Both on the farm, teaching, and now running challenges. I do not know how we would live without Herbalife Nutrition helping to fuel us each and every day,” Cam said.

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