WSW Women’s Health Interview: A day on my plate

Shot of  young smiley sports player

She might be only 18 years old but Bryleeh Henry already knows how to fuel her body the right way.

It didn’t take long for Bryleeh Henry to work out just how much eating, recovery and sleep affects peak performance. Having made her stunning debut with the Liberty A-League last season, and her senior Matildas debut in the same year, the rising star performs at the top of her game - with a little help from a tasty drink:


5:45am: Wake up and travel to training eating a snack.

6:45am: Breakfast with the team. I have peanut butter on toast and Herbalife Nutrition LiftOff™. I don’t like to drink tea or coffee, so when the girls are ordering their caffeine hit, I’m happy with a LiftOff™. I’m not overly hungry at that time but LiftOff™ before training just gets me going.

12:30pm: For lunch I like high-protein meals like chicken salad or sushi. If I’m busy, I make sure I take lunch with me. I know when I don’t eat, I feel more tired or my muscles are sorer.

3:30pm: Snack time is tuna and crackers, or carrot sticks.

6:30pm: I’m superstitious, so if it’s the night before a game I have to have pasta.