Ways to stay fit and healthy if you’re going away this Christmas

Author: Samantha Clayton
Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy if You’re Going Away this Christmas

Whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway to visit family, a road trip or a staycation, time off is important to your overall wellbeing. A holiday is a chance to reset your brain and connect more deeply with friends, loved ones, and even just yourself, as well as a perfect time to increase your activity level by starting a healthy, active lifestyle plan.


Here are a few tips for incorporating physical activity and healthy nutrition on your next trip:

1. Schedule workouts during the day.

Whether it’s a quick trip to the gym before sightseeing or a simple workout before bed, make time to get some exercise. Or you can make exercise a part of your trip—rent some bikes, take a hike or go for a swim.

2. Find new healthy food options.

Mobile restaurant apps make it easy to seek out healthy food. You can also hit the grocery store to experiment with snacks—maybe there are local varieties of fruit and vegetables you can’t get at home.

3. Get lots of rest and de-stress

Schedule time to rejuvenate, get extra sleep and have a relaxing soak in the bath. You may even find that the extra “me” time helps you to get past an exercise plateau; rest is such an important part of your fitness journey.

4. Don’t use excuses.

When planning your holiday spend some time looking for healthy food and activities in advance.


Before embarking on any physical activity, please consult your physician.

Source: I Am Herbalife Nutrition