Dr. Dana Ryan Visits the Western Sydney Wanderers

Dr Dana Ryan And Western Sydney Wanderers Players

Dr Dana Ryan visited the Western Sydney Wanderer’s new centre to discuss sports nutrition.

Dr. Dana Ryan, Ph.D., MBA, M.A. – Director of Sports Performance and Education, recently spent time in Sydney with the Western Sydney Wanderers. Dr. Ryan met with WSW Dieticians, Nutritionists, Strength & Conditioning Coach and staff discuss sports nutrition and how to best incorporate the Herbalife24 products into the players lives, on and off the field.

The media reported that Ryan’s insight to sports nutrition and performance could be the Wanderers’ secret weapon.

"It’s all about coming up with the specialised programs and using best practices in sports nutrition and finding the best ways to implement it for every player," Dr Ryan told a-league.com.au.

“It’s a really critical part of, not just day-to-day performance, but how an athlete is going to perform in the long term. We’re talking about the nutrients that fuel your body. I think players are starting to understand more and more the role that nutrition has in the game,” Dr. Dana Ryan to The World Game, SBS

“One of the sayings is that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, so what you are putting in to fuel yourself is equally as important to how you are actually training your body.”