5 Tips to Keep Skin Looking and Feeling Fabulous During the Cold

Woman In Snow

The cold weather months can bring on a lot of changes to our skin. And, sometimes good skin can be much harder to achieve in the winter. But, the good news is, it is definitely possible to look and feel flawless no matter what the weather is. If you’re worried about losing that summer glow now that the colder weather is here, don’t be – there are plenty of basic winter skin care tips that will keep your skin glowing all year long!

As many parts of the world are starting to feel the chill with the blustery cold weather and icy winds, many of us are also starting to see changes in our skin. A winter skin care routine is a necessity, especially for those of us who live in cold, dry climates. In winter, there is less moisture in the air, and indoor heating systems, fireplaces and forced heaters in our cars can be dehydrating to the skin. It’s important to address this dryness in your winter skin care plan to keep your skin looking luminous.

Best winter skin care tips!

Winter skin care rule 1: Stay hydrated

With hot temperatures during the summer months, it’s natural to automatically drink more fluids. Don’t lessen your water intake just because it’s getting cooler outside! You might not be craving a tall glass of ice water like you would in summer, but try room temperature water or a refreshing cup of warm tea to keep yourself hydrated.

Winter skin care rule 2: Take care of your lips

Chapped lips in winter are a downer – they can be painful when exposed to extreme cold temperatures and chapping makes it harder for any cosmetics to stay in place and look good! Make sure to protect your lips with a moisturizing balm that includes SPF. Just because its cold doesn’t mean the sun can’t harm your lips, so don’t skip the sun protection either! Which brings me to my next winter skin care rule… ‘

Winter skin care rule 3: Wear sunscreen

Just because it’s cold outside and you can’t necessarily feel the warmth of the sun doesn’t mean there aren’t UV rays in the air, so don’t skimp on the SPF just because it’s winter. If you need extra moisture in your winter skin care regimen, look for moisturizing sunscreens or wear your sunscreen over your existing moisturizer. For those days when you are bundling up indoors apply HerbalifeSKIN Revitalizing Night Cream. It’s rich, it’s luxurious and it will definitely deliver that long term moisture we all need during the winter months.

Winter skin care rule 4: Don’t forget your hands

Just like your lips, the skin on your hands is thin and delicate and can be susceptible to chapping in cold weather. Keep your hands moisturized with hand cream, and reapply throughout the cold days to keep your hands moisturized. To make it convenient, carry travel-sized hand cream wherever you go, or keep some at your office, in your car, and in your bag. And don’t forget gloves – when venturing outside, gloves will not only keep you warm, but they’ll protect the skin on your hands from cold temperatures, too! The Herbalife Herbal Aloe Hand and Body Cream is an excellent companion to the cold winter weather.

Winter skin care rule 5: Choose cosmetics wisely

Ever notice how foundation or blushes don’t apply as easily during wintertime? That’s because skin tends to be drier in winter, leading to flaking and dry patches. In times like these, using a moisturizing serum will help cosmetics go on more smoothly. The HerbalifeSKIN Line Minimizing Serum goes on smooth and is clinically tested to show remarkable improvement in skin’s softness, smoothness, radiance, glow and luminosity in just 7 days.[add serum disclaimers on screen (or whevrever this piece appears)] When picking cosmetics during winter, look for moisturizing formulas. Generally speaking, cream blushes and liquid foundations will give you more moisturizing benefits than those that are powder-based.

Winter skin care rule 6: Consider changing your routine based on the season

Your skin care needs may change drastically between seasons, particularly if you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations between summer and winter (or between outside and inside air temperatures thanks to central heating). Only you know what feels good on your skin – if you have skin that experiences more dryness in winter than other seasons, for example, you might consider applying more moisturizer and serum to your skin each day. Do not under any circumstances skin [skip?] your Night Cream and you may wish to switch to a cleanser that targets Normal to Dry Skin until the winter weather subsides.

These are just a few of my winter skin care tips. With Herbalife SKIN we have all the solutions to your skin care needs.