With over 200 sports sponsorships around the world, we're proud to support and guide extraordinary athletes. More than a logo on a jersey, our sponsorships are trusted partnerships with our teams, athletes and organisations. They believe in our products to deliver what's needed to perform at their best.

Western Sydney Wanderers Players Photoshoot

Western Sydney Wanderers

Herbalife Nutrition is the official Nutrition Partner of the Western Sydney Wanderers FC. The partnership established in 2014 continues today to demonstrate its commitment to health and nutrition advocacy in Australia. Herbalife’s key role is to support the team’s performance through good nutrition as well as host programs and activities in conjunction with the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sat On The Pitch In A Stadium With Cr7 Drive


Athletes sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition, including international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, use our products before, during and after training to fuel their quest to greatness. Our sponsored athletes are true brand ambassadors. We also provide a nutrition education program led by experts in their field.

"Good nutrition is at the core of my success, and the Herbalife Nutrition team helps me to understand the relationship between losing vitamins and minerals during training and proper supplementation to put it all back.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer Superstar Herbalife Nutrition-Sponsored Athlete


La Galaxy Team Photo On Match Day


Herbalife Nutrition sponsored teams include US based football club LA Galaxy and Spanish women’s Premier Division football team Atletico Madrid.